Beginner Pot

“I got a squad and they ready/ever ready like we batteries/make a b*tch loose calories/my work no salaries, I get that shit often!”
DyRek ft Monzol in Bigginer pot.
This right here, right here’s one hellova joint. Get bigginer pot here


VMA’S Video of the year

The MTV Video music awards was set ablaze with great performances from the kick-off of the show. Lots of shad was thrown yes yes shad was at the top at the VMA’S however we not here for that, we here for the video of the year category ‘right’. “Video below”

And the nominees in that category:

Unfortunately for all those great videos from the above list only one could walk away as best video of the year that was brought to you by MTV…

You can watch all the videos that were nominated in this category on YouTube by clicking on the name of the video above…anyway, back to the video that stole the show…

Kendrick Lamar’s Humble nabbed the video of the year award, now now now be humble…Kendrick’s latest offering Damn was nothing less than extrodinary. 

Double certified:Future becomes only artist to have two albums certified in 2017

FUTURE and HNDRXX, 5th and 6th studio albums by Future makes the artist the only artist to have managed to get two albums cetified gold at minimum. With HNDRXX coming in at over 500,000 units and the self titled “future” certified platnum.

Both records were released early this year and total nearly 40 tracks. It’s an impressive feat having both records push huge numbers in units considering releases for other heavy weights in hip-hop from the likes of kendrick Lamar’s Damn to Jay Z’s 4:44 album…

Read more here

Sabrina Petrini:Kinging Queen

Sabrina is the founder, songwriter, musical director, and lead singer of rock band KingQueen. They were the winner of Hard Rock Cafe’s Battle of the Bands (LA) 2013, and made it to the top 25 out of 12,000 bands in the world.

 It’s nothing safe about being unique or creating a new style of fashion or music. We live in a world that to be different is often complimented by being ridiculed.

It takes a big heart to stay true to ones self. To have faith in your own abilities. To believe when know one else does. Sabrina Petrini has truly become into her own…

Download Sabrina Petrini’s latest single remember 

September rains

The once idolsSA hopeful Dubby September shows just what his made of on the emotion D

The EP features a powerful song “behind your smile”where he sings about trying to love a woman that’s been hurt and left broken hearted. “I see you, hiding behind your smile…pretending to be fine.

A  broken women is the hardest to love.

When you try to get close she pushes away.

I know the truth and your not to blame” he sings…

Download and listen to this EP by following the link The Emotion D